Everyone wants to find and buy the things that match what they are looking for quickly and easily. That’s true of travelers looking for vacation rentals.
Our ranking system is a sophisticated process that looks at traveler preferences as well as the booking experience a listing provides to place listings within search results.  Our goal is to provide an efficient experience for owners, property managers, and travelers by showing properties that are most likely to be booked.

Traveler Preferences
HomeAway enables a variety of search options and features designed to help travelers find what they are looking for without difficulty, which in turn also drives qualified inquiries and bookings to our owners and property managers. We use the information travelers enter into the search box, such as date and location, and take into account any filters selected, including map views.  Since each traveler and search is unique, search results vary for each traveler.  

Booking Experience
The booking experience refers to how easily and reliable a listing can be booked by travelers. It can be indicated by factors such as an accurate calendar, response time, and accepting online bookings. 

HomeAway continues to strive to drive more bookings for our owners and property managers. Delighting travelers with an excellent booking experience encourages repeat travelers and repeat bookings that help our shared marketplace thrive.