Online booking is the best way for travelers to book and securely pay for your vacation rental. It is also vital for increasing exposure and gets you on the road to more bookings.

Online booking streamlines the process for you and your traveler. Choose between 24-Hour Review or Instant Booking. With either option, the traveler sends a request to book your property with the commitment to pay.
  • 24-Hour Review: Allows 24 hours to communicate with your guest, to ask questions, and to choose whether to accept or reject the booking.
  • Instant Booking: Automatically confirms traveler booking requests and adds reservations to your calendar

Getting Started with Online Booking

We've made it easy to turn this feature on!  You may see a pop-up message in your dashboard when you log in. This is designed to provide a shortcut to make your listing online bookable.  

If you already have HomeAway Payments and are interested in making your listing online bookable now, please view our article on how to enable online booking.