The Mobile Hospitality Manager is a free mobile app for iOS and Android that gives your guests detailed “how to use” information about your property and amenities that you would only want your guests to know. It allows you to provide and exchange information securely with your guests without having to be at your computer.

Once a booking is confirmed, your guest will receive an email invitation to the hospitality experience where they can log in and access useful information such as directions to your property.

All vacation homeowners are automatically signed up for the Mobile Hospitality Manager service to help ensure guests have a memorable stay. You can access the functionality by clicking Hospitality in your account. You can also access the Hospitality Manager section within the HomeAway app to enter and update essentials, rules, and amenities. 

The Mobile Hospitality Manager can currently handle up to ten properties. If you are a Property Manager and would like to manage more than ten now, our Glad to Have You™ product may be the right alternative for you.