We recommend that you incorporate basic water safety guidelines into your House Rules in an effort to help prevent potentially life-threatening hazards. As you review your current pool safety items, please consider the following information:
  • Pool fences, gates, and covers
    • A fence or gate around your pool can help ensure the safety of children and persons requiring supervision.
    • A gate featuring a highly placed lock can help safeguard against small children gaining unsupervised access.
    • Check that pool or spa covers are in use and functioning properly.
    • Review local regulations to confirm requirements for pool fences, gates, and covers.
  • Rescue materials and references        
    • Ensure a safety flotation device is in place before each stay and that it is visibly positioned near your pool for quick access in an emergency.
    • Depth markers also keep travelers safe and can prevent against shallow-water diving.        
  • Additional safety recommendations        
    • Consider installing an alarm that sounds each time a pool entryway is opened.    
    • Post safety and health information on your listing and at the pool, such as emergency phone numbers, CPR Instructions, and “pool rules” displaying potential hazards for persons who may be pregnant or who suffer from health conditions.
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