If the Owner has enabled the Mobile Hospitality app and entered the check-in details information into the app, you will receive check-in details via the app 7 -14 days prior to your stay. Check in details include the property address, access instructions and additional information about the property and your stay.
If the owner has not enabled the Mobile Hospitality app they should contact you prior to your stay with check-in details.
If you have not received this information we recommend that you contact the property owner. You may find the owner’s contact details by logging into My trips and selecting your upcoming trip. You may see the option to message the property owner and see their telephone number.  You can also check your booking confirmation email for contact details. Some reservations may not show in My Trips if you booked through a partner that uses external software. If you do not see your reservation, you will need to contact the owner or manager of the property directly for assistance.
If you cannot get through to the owner please contact the customer support team.  If your check-in date is more than 2 weeks away we will first try to contact the property owner via email on your behalf. In the meantime, please keep trying to contact them. If you have still not been contacted by the owner or if you are due to check into the property in less than 24 hours please our contact customer support team and we will continue to assist you.