Travelers who search without dates will see an average nightly rate. This price is based on your nightly rates and availability for the next four months.  Our system takes into account all possible stays within this period and calculates the average nightly rate based on these possible stays. This is designed to present the traveler with an estimated amount for what your property will cost per night. The traveler will need to enter the dates they wish to stay to see a more accurate price.

Please note that EU brands include taxes and fees in this weighted average, while HomeAway and other US brands do not. This average will be displayed for all search durations.

Property Page Results
Travelers who do not provide specific dates see the average nightly rate for your property are prompted to enter dates to view a detailed total.

Travelers who provide a date range see an exact quote for your property, along with a link to view a detailed price quote.

Detailed Information is included under the View details link, this displays:
  • Amount for the number of nights
  • Optional fees (if applicable)
  • Service fee (if applicable)
  • Taxes
  • Payment schedule