If you use HomeAway Payments and your payment provider is VacationRentPayment (VRP), you can require guests to purchase Damage Protection or pay a Refundable Damage Deposit.
Property Damage Protection from CSA is an insurance product designed for guest purchase only. As an owner you may suggest a plan level to your guests to help protect them from paying out of pocket for accidental damages caused to your rental or belongings during their stay.
Refundable Damage Deposits is typically a sum of money collected directly by you to cover any potential damage caused during a guest stay. After the guests stay has been completed, the refundable damage deposit is refunded back to the guests (less any assessed damage charges, if any).

To add the either of these options for your guests when they pay for a reservation:
  1. Log in to your account.
  2. If you have more than one listing, click the one you want to edit. 
  3. Click Edit Listing
  4. Click on Rates tab. 
  5. Scroll down the rates page to the Damage Protection section and click on the down arrow to expand the section.
  6. You can choose to offer either Property Damage Protection*, a Refundable Damage Deposit, or a combination of both methods.
  7. If you click Yes, include damage protection, you will then be prompted to to select the amount of coverage you wish to offer your guests
  8. If you wish to offer a refundable damage deposit, select Refundable Damage Deposit and you can set this to be any value you want.
  9. Select between 7 or 14 days for the auto refund to occur after the traveler checks out. Refundable damage deposits will automatically refund unless all or a portion is withheld prior to the 7/14 day period.
  10. Click Save at the bottom of screen when finished.

*Please note, when selecting the Property Damage Protection method, you provide guests a choice between a low cost property damage policy that covers accidental damages, where you will be the beneficiary, or a refundable damage deposit that's equivalent to the full policy coverage amount that you select. Click here to learn more about the different coverage amounts.

You can require travelers to sign a legal rental agreement before arriving at the property. Proper rental agreements can be used to communicate exactly how owners or managers wish their properties to be treated. They can address smoking rules, pet preferences, and additional fees such as cleaning.