What is the basic Hospitality experience for a guest after booking?
The guest will receive a series of emails inviting them to the experience via the mobile website or app, including the following emails with information about your property:
  • Invitation email (should be received within 2 hours of booking)
  • Follow-up invitation (For those that don't open the original invitation, 3 days prior to the first day of their stay)
  • Welcome email (day of check-in)
  • Review request (1 day prior to check out)
The guest will have access to:
  • General rental information
  • Location of the rental
  • Reviews
  • Writing a review
  • Inviting other guests to the experience
What is the enhanced experience for a guest?
Enhanced means the owner has provided additional information about the rental in the Mobile Hospitality Manager dashboard. Examples:
  • Check-in/out instructions (e.g. access code)
  • Wi-Fi code
It is possible for the guest to request information from the owner via the Hospitality experience.

What is the experience for my guests with existing reservations when I opt into Mobile Hospitality Manager?
All existing reservations on your calendar will receive an invitation to the Hospitality experience. If the guest accesses the Hospitality Manager before you add property information, the experience will still be beneficial and provide useful information.

What content will my guests see if I don't add additional content?
The Mobile Hospitality Manager will include directions to your property based on your listing information.

Where does the default content in the Mobile Hospitality come from?
Google Places powers the Local Suggestions by Google content.

What if a guest is traveling with other people that want to access this information via the app?
The guest will be able to select Invite others in the application when they log in.

How does the guest access this experience?
The guest will receive a welcome email with a button that says Access my Rental; clicking the button will take the guest to the mobile website where the will be prompted to log in to access information. They can also download the HomeAway app and access the information through the My Rental section.