How do I pay securely for a vacation rental?

Paying online with credit card or eCheck through HomeAway Payments is the most secure way to book a vacation rental on our sites. Your credit card information is not seen by the owner or manager. Properties that use and accept HomeAway Payments can be identified with a blue shield pictured below:

User-added image

If the property you want to book has the Book it Now button, you can book directly by clicking Book it Now and you will be guided through the reservation and online payment process.

You can also confirm a reservation with the vacation rental owner or property manager directly, and ask to pay with HomeAway Payments. When the owner or manager sends an email invoice via HomeAway Payments, you are able to make immediate and secure payments by Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards or an eCheck (US residents only).

If the owner or manager does not accept payments through HomeAway Payments, we recommend paying by credit card, check, PayPal or bank transfer after calling the telephone number published on the property listing page to confirm your reservation and payment details. If the listing does not have a phone number, please contact us for assistance.

Credit cards offer charge-back protection should there be any issues with your reservation. HomeAway guarantees your payment up to $1,000 if you follow the above recommendations.

When you are ready to book, review and sign a rental agreement and remember to read it carefully — each rental typically has their own cancellation policies and house rules.

Avoid the following practices
  • Paying in cash
  • Sending a check made out to cash
  • Using an instant money transfer such as Western Union or Money Gram. 
These payment methods are preferred by criminals, and using them voids any guarantees from us, including the Carefree Rental Guarantee. 
Protect your payment
Visit our Security Center for more best practices, and information about HomeAway payments. 

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