HomeAway Connect shutdown FAQs

What is HomeAway Connect?
  • HomeAway Connect, formerly Rentors.org, is a calendar sharing tool designed for vacation rental owners and property managers. HomeAway Connect is no longer operating as of January 31, 2014.

When did HomeAway Connect shut down?
  • January 31, 2014.

Why did HomeAway Connect shut down?
  • Most of the functionality available from HomeAway Connect is now available from the HomeAway or VRBO owner dashboard.
  • With the option to purchase a Pay-Per-Booking listing, you can sign up risk-free on HomeAway to maintain access to these tools, and you won't have to pay HomeAway anything until you receive payment for a confirmed booking of one of your listings.

Will I have access to my HomeAway Connect calendar data after the site shuts down?
  • If you choose to map your HomeAway Connect calendar to an active listing on a site in the HomeAway network, then yes, you will continue to have access to the calendar.
  • If you choose not to map your calendar, the data for your calendar will not be stored and will no longer be accessible after January 31, 2014

How can I keep my calendar?
  • If you already have a listing on a HomeAway network site, and it is already mapped to the property's HomeAway Connect calendar, you need to do nothing. Your calendar will remain online and you'll be able to manage it from your owner dashboard.
  • If you have an active listing on at least one of the HomeAway network of sites, but it is not mapped to the property's HomeAway Connect calendar, you can copy and paste the reservations from the Connect calendar to your listing calendar.
  • If you do not have an active listing on at least one of the HomeAway network of sites that is mapped to your HomeAway Connect calendar, we recommend signing up for one. You have the option of choosing between an annual subscription, starting at $349, or Pay-Per-Booking listing, which requires no money upfront and just a 10% fee per booking. The calendar functionality from the HomeAway dashboard includes everything offered to you with HomeAway Connect plus additional reservation management tools.

How can I maintain my guestbook?
  • If you choose to list on HomeAway, you may manually enter HomeAway Connect Guestbook comments into active (*)listings that already contain at least one review.
  • (*)Subscription-based listings with at least one traveler review allow owner-submitted reviews; Pay-per-booking listings do not allow this function yet.

What is the difference between Guestbook comments and HomeAway/VRBO reviews?
  • For Guestbook comments in HomeAway Connect, the owner can chose to approve or not approve the submission. If the owner approves the submission, the comment will immediately appear in the Guestbook. If the owner disapproves the submission or does nothing, the comment will NOT appear in their Guestbook.
  • The rating of the comment, positive or negative, will, however, appear in the rating totals that display at the top of the Guestbook. HomeAway and VRBO both house guest submitted reviews for each property.
  • The visibility of these reviews is not up to the discretion of the owners, and will appear under the Reviews section for its intended property.

I already have a listing on HomeAway. Will my guestbook reviews show up?
  • No, not unless you manually enter your guestbook entries as "owner-submitted reviews."
  • Subscription-based listings with at least one traveler review allow owner-submitted reviews; Pay-Per-Booking listings do not.
  • We urge you to export and save a copy of your Guestbook reviews in order to manually enter into your listing.

When I enter my reviews into a HomeAway listing, how will they show up?
  • Reviews you enter yourself will show up as guestbook comments in the reviews section and not as "traveler" reviews.
  • Please note that traveler reviews can impact your sort position, so be sure to request reviews from past guests to improve the performance of your listing.

Will I have access to old guestbook data after HomeAway Connect shuts down?
  • No, you can not access your old guestbook data.

I currently allow my housekeeper, property manager, etc. to access my calendar.  How can they access my HomeAway dashboard calendar?
  • We do not offer the option to create multiple logins for your HomeAway dashboard.

What is the difference between the HomeAway Connect calendar and a HomeAway or VRBO calendar?
  • There is no difference, the same calendar is used for both.